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Excellence All the Way

“I purchased Magic Pro mat and device. It is amazing, of course. I can play any frequency through it and receive the healing through my body. The item arrived very quickly. I am impressed by all aspects – Customer service, product quality, innovation, and top-notch human being who owns the company.” – David A

Getting Better for My Hip Pain

“Within a month since I purchased my Magic Pro, I have consistently used it for at least 45 minutes a day. Now my hip pain is relieved a lot. I think Magic Pro can help me further and further. I also plan to try Mini Magic, which is more portable and wearable. I’m sure will… Read More »


“They handle each order professionally and carefully. Magic Pro is top quality. The effectiveness of this PEMF-generator is sensational for energy renewal on a cellular level. I’m glad I bought it!” – W. B.

Magic PRO

Yesterday my son had a bad and painful back, so I put him on Magic Pro mat and ran the general healing and pain relief audios. He went to bed, expecting to be home from work the next day. But the next morning: no pain no stiff back. Like magic…Magic PRO! – Dan E

Grateful Device

It’s amazing what Magic Pro can do for an aging body! Energy renewal via cell stimulation plus application of audio frequencies (even music) directly unto the body results in immediate and very effective healing. Amazing! – Wolfgang B